Bust My Mind

Princess Wonda Burst My Mind Art Cover
Princess Wonda feat. D'wante Navire
Producer: D'wante Navire

The single was released on September 25, 2020. The song was written by “The Princess of Afro-Fusion” officially known as Princess Wonda, and produced by Nigerian producer D’wante Navire.

Princess Wonda aka ‘The Princess of Afro-Fusion’ is a multifaceted independent charting artist whose musical journey began in London at her church choir. She has had multiple UK chart entries such as, #Top 40 in the UK chart for World Music as well as being ranked #1 twice! She also ranked #13 on the Nigerian iTunes Charts. She has an innovative, eclectic sound with a unique vocal register that gives her a sound that is dynamic, current, and full of melody.

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