Princess Wonda

The Princess of AfroFusion

Princess Wonda aka ‘The Princess of Afro-Fusion is a multifaceted independent charting artist whose musical journey began in London at her church choir.

She’s had the opportunity to hone in her craft and developing performance skills alongside music professions by working as a backing vocalist for live shows and session singing. Something she has done for close to 15 years.

As a cultured young woman, she spent some years in Nigeria completing her primary school education which has had a monumental impact on her music today.

She has had multiple UK chart entries such as, #Top 40 in the UK chart for World Music as well as being ranked #1 twice! She also ranked #13 on the Nigerian iTunes Charts.

She has an innovative, eclectic sound with a unique vocal register that gives her a sound that is dynamic, current, and full of melody. Princess Wonda’s passion as an artist is rooted in the fact that with preparation meeting opportunities, you can be anything you want. Moving the culture forward by breaking stereotypes of women in African music also inspires her to be the best version of herself.

Princess Wonda will be releasing her debut album featuring sounds from all over Africa. With her growing, faithful fanbase (Wonda army), Princess Wonda’s journey has just begun.

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